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Fall Classes

Welcome toFall Classes at Mendocino Ballet! The session will start on August 24th for Art of Classical Ballet students and August 31st for Recreational students. We offer Pre-Ballet for the 3-5 year old, Ballet and Tap Classes for ages 6-14, and teen/adult classes. Limited class sizes, professional instruction and an age-appropriate curriculum set us apart from other dance programs in the area.  Whether you are looking for a class for yourself or your child(ren), we have something for you! Sign up today by clicking on Classes above!

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Cast announced for "Nutcracker"

Mendocino Ballet Artistic Director, Trudy McCreanor, has announced the Cast for the 2015 Ukiah  "Nutcracker" performances.

Clara Staulbaum: Mercedes Allende

Frits Staulbaum: Carson Maynard

Frau Staulbaum: TBD

Dr. Staulbaum: TBD

Herr Drosselmeyer: Raleigh Wilcox

Parents: Addison Conzet, Robbie Cristiani, Kelly Enberg, Annika Gordon, Clara Richmond, Luke Robinson, Sebastian Runnings, Amelia Taylor

Clara’s Friends: Jamie Speka, Miranda Stearns

Party Girls: Shaylee Amos, Leeyhamarie Bell, Trillium Bennett-McCoy, Payton Slotte, Saba Tebbutt, Laila Tyler

Party Boys: Katrina Bergmann, Olivia Guleff, Olivia Kubin, Izabella Nickerson, Hailey Ramsey, Madison Tyler

Little Party Girls: Makiah Carter, Jessica Kraemer, Kaylee Maynard, Mikayla Ngayan, Samantha Ngayan, Allison Southard, Geneva Thaxter, Katherine Wang

Grandfather: Dan Stearns

Maids: Majken Rasumssen, Hannah Woolfenden

Puppet Dolls: Morgan Cummings, Sophia Becket

Ballerina Doll:  Jenna McEwen

Christmas Bear: Magnolia Taylor

Nutcracker: Addison Conzet

Mouse Queen: Amelia Taylor

Mice: Morgan Cummings, Aliyah Malicay, Jenna McEwen, Majken Rasmussen, Clara Richmond, Hannah Woolfenden

Little Mice: Shaylee Amos, Eva Campise, Varsity Gaches, Sophia Leinwetter, Geneva Thaxter

Soldiers: Sophia Becket, Katrina Bergman, Olivia Kubin, Carson Maynard, Hailey Ramsey, Payton Slotte, Jamie Speka, Miranda Stearns, Saba Tebbutt, Madison Tyler, Claire Whittaker

Snow Queen: Clara Richmond

Snow: Morgan Cummings, Aliyah Malicay, Jenna McEwen, Majken Rasmussen, Amelia Taylor, Hannah Woolfenden

Snow Corps: Mercedes Allende, Miranda Stearns, Jamie Speka

Angels: Leeyhamarie Bell, Trillium Bennett-McCoy, Katrina Bergmann, Olivia Kubin, Izabella Nickerson, Payton Slotte, Saba Tebbutt, Laila Tyler

Court Attendants: Sarah Delaughter, Olivia Guleff, Lucy Slinkert, Claire Whittaker

Sugar Plum Fairy:  Morgan Cummings/ Aliyah Malicay

Spanish: Amelia Taylor

Arabian: Morgan Cummings, Clara Richmond, Ari Sunbeam

Chinese: Jenna McEwen

Russian: Jamie Speka, Shaylee Amos, Laila Tyler

Shepherdess: Hannah Woolfenden

Sheep: Verity Rae Bogue, Eva Campise, Makiah Carter, Solé Dop, Briley Leonard, Samantha Ngayan

Mother Ginger: Dan Stearns

Gingersnaps: Varisty Gaches, Sophia Leinwetter, Kaylee Maynard, Mikayla Ngayan, Allison Southard, Katherine Wang

Flower Queen: Majken Rasmussen

Flowers: Morgan Cummings, Aliyah Malicay, Jenna McEwen, Clara Richmond, Hannah Woolfenden

Flower Corps:  Sophia Becket, Jamie Speka, Miranda Stearns

Butterflies: Dahlia Castro, Lainee DeLapo, Reagan Frost, Gwendolyn Johnson, Montgomery Johnson, Thalia Kita, Kaci Maynard, Olivia Melton, Mia Stocker

Come Join Us

Do you love Dance?  Are you interested in being part of an exciting community arts organization dedicated to excellence in the Dance Arts?  We are recruiting New Members for the Mendocino Ballet Board of Directors.

The Mendocino Ballet is seeking energetic, creative thinkers to join our Board of Directors.  An interest in dance and children, and love of the arts are the main pre-requisites.  Perhaps you or some other family member enjoyed dance as part of your life and younow find yourself wanting to give back to your community. With new projects brewing, a Cultural Exchange with dancers from France, and the expansion of our dance program with new classes, our volunteer Board has the chance to really make a difference as we embark on these new opportunities.

If you have an interest in the dance arts and would like to help make a difference in a child's life and the quality of dance in our community, serving on the Mendocino Ballet Board of Directors might just be the ticket for you! We would love to talk to you.  Give our office a call at 463-2290 and we will make sure to get you a Board Packet and answer any questions you may have.

What Sets Us Apart?

We are the only dance program in the area that offers profesional quality dance training with Classical Ballet as the foundation.  We also offer Tap, Jazz, Pre-Ballet for ages 3-5 and Contemporary Dance so students can choose from a variety of styles. Even if you do not plan on a career in dance, you still receive the best technical training and performance opportunities around. Our ballet students have the chance to perform in our annual "Nutcracker" as well as in original choreography and ballets of favorite fairytales and stories from "Cinderella", "Alice in Wonderland" and "Peter and the Wolf" to "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "The Little Mermaid" and more! We also offer the opportunity for our "Art of Classical Ballet" students to participate in a special Cultural Exchange Program with dancers from France. Class sizes are limited so students receive individual attention. Our studios are family friendly with waiting areas for parents who want to watch their children dance.