Sleeping Beauty's Wedding & Dance Classics

Based on the famous fairy tale by Charles Perrault, The Sleeping Beauty tells the story of the beautiful Princess Aurora, who is cursed at her christening by the wicked fairy, Carabosse, to prick her finger on a spindle and die. Through the goodness of the Lilac Fairy, instead of dying on her sixteenth birthday, Aurora falls in to an enchanted sleep for a hundred years until she is finally awoken by the kiss of Prince Désiré. Our ballet will feature what happens after the magic kiss brings her out of the one hundred year sleep, and the wedding celebration of Princess Aurora to Prince Désiré.

The ballet opens with the dancing stars and magical fairies bringing in the Lilac Fairy and the Prince to find Sleeping Beauty and awaken her with a kiss.

The Wedding of Prince Désiré and Princess Aurora takes place on the esplanade of King Florestan’s palace. The court assembles to celebrate the marriage of Prince Désiré and Princess Aurora. The Lilac Fairy starts the celebration by introducing the Ladies of the Court and Special Guests. The festivities feature a series of divertissements. The Lilac Fairy, along with the Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Sapphire Fairies, dance for the Court. Then several fairy tale characters join in the festivities: Puss in Boots and the White Cat; Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Cinderella and her Stepsisters, the Bluebird and Bluebird Princess, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, and more. Princess Aurora dances a beautiful solo followed by a pas de deux featuring Princess Aurora and Prince Désiré. The act ends with a lively dance celebrating the marriage and the blessing of the sacred wedding by the Lilac Fairy.

Dance Classics

Enjoy a variety of dance styles including Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, and Modern Dance featuring students ages 6-Adult! A special excerpt from “Swan Lake” will delight and impress the audience. This is a fun performance for the whole family. You don’t want to miss this! You can purchase tickets under the Calendar/Events button above.

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