Free Dance Day

Please come join us for my Free Dance Day at Mendocino Ballet! I am Hannah Woolfenden, a member of the Mendocino Ballet Company, a student with Anderson Valley High School, and this is my senior project. I chose to do this as my senior project because dance has done so much for me and it is incredibly important that other children get the opportunity to dance as well. 

There are so many aspects of dance that can make it someone's passion: the athleticism, the creativity, the community, the performance aspect, and more. For me, I love all of these aspects so I hope to expose the children to as many of them as possible on the Free Dance Day. Even if dance doesn't become a child's passion, it provides them with experience, a form of exercise, an opportunity for emotional release and more. I have seen dance change so many lives including my own. I hope that this free dance day will inspire children to gain an interest in dance and see how many opportunities Mendocino County has to offer. At the very least, I hope to send the students home with positive memories of a fun day. Please check the schedule below and come spend your Saturday afternoon on March 30th at Mendocino Ballet's Free Dance Day! It will be a blast!

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