All classes are planned to run for the entire school year, August through June, with a separate Summer Session.  Recreational Classes are divided into 2 Sessions while students in the Art of Classical Ballet levels attend classes monthly for the entire school year.

There are 3 payment choices for classes at Mendocino Ballet.

1.) You may pay for the session in full.  Payment is to be made at the time of sign-up or by the first class.  We will prorate the first month ONLY for students who start after the session has started, if the class has room.  There are NO REFUNDS at this special price.

2.) You may pay in equal monthly payments.  Payments are the same each month REGARDLESS of the number of classes in the month and are due the first class of each month.  (All students in the "Art of Classical Ballet" program pay monthly.)

3.) You may pay by the class.  ($20 for classes up to 1 hour / $25 for classes 1.25 - 1.5 hours.  For classes over 2 hours, please call the office.) 

If you cannot commit to a monthly schedule or wish to pay by the class, please contact us for the correct amount to pay.  Students who to fail to pay monthly fees on time will be charged at the single class rate.

All students pay an annual Registration Fee. 

Class payments are YOUR responsibility.  We do not bill.  If your payment is not received on time and we must send a bill, there will be a $15 processing fee added to the bill each month the payment is late

Monthly Tuition is not pro-rated for any reason.  If a class is missed, a make-up class is available, usually in a lower level.  It is your responsibility to make the class up within 30 days. Please check with your Instructor for suggestions.

If your class falls on a holiday, you can make it up in another comparable class.  Please check with your instructor for an appropriate class.

Every student must pay an annual Registration Fee (non-refundable) in the fall and/or at the time of sign-up.  This includes all dancers in the "Art of Classical Ballet” and recreational programs, and scholarship students.  Students in "The Art of Classical Ballet" and performance classes will pay an additional annual performance fee.

A $25 fee is charged for any and all returned checks.

NO REFUNDS are given for any reason once classes have started unless class is cancelled by Mendocino Ballet.

Family Discounts:   The child within the family who takes the most classes or pays the higher tuition will pay full tuition.  Additional classes/family members receive 10% off their class tuition rate.

Students can enroll for the Session after it has started, if room permits.  Please contact the office with questions. 707-463-2290

Please make checks payable to "Mendocino Ballet".



  • Respectful posture and attitude must be maintained throughout the entire class.
  • Attention should be directed towards the instructor at all times.
  • Finish each exercise in the instructed stance and remain until the instructor gives permission to continue.
  • Sitting down is not allowed unless given the expressed permission of the instructor.
  • Pay attention to corrections given to other students and try to apply the corrections to yourself.
  • Pay attention to questions asked by other students as they probably pertain to you as well.
  • When another group is dancing, prepare yourself to begin dancing as the group before you is finishing. Be ready to begin at the start of your music.
  • In the center, when you finish your exercise, immediately move to the front of the room then straight to the side, splitting middle, to allow the next group to start dancing without interruption.
  • If you are taking a makeup class in a level lower than your own, stand in the back rows when dancing in the center.
  • If you are in a combination class with different levels, the higher level will stand in the front of the room and start combinations in the corners.
  • It is your responsibility to put away the barre you stand at, at the end of barre exercises.
  • Please be quiet. Speak only if the teacher asks you a question or if what you say directly pertains to the class. No talking during class time!
  • If you are injured or otherwise prevented from participating in the entire class, inform the instructor PRIOR to the start of class, sit and watch class, and take notes.
  • Use the restroom before class.
  • Thank the instructor after each class. Curtsey to the pianist after each class (if applicable).
  • Dress code should be adhered to at all times in each division. This includes hair fixed NEATLY in a bun! (See Dress Code)
  • Gum-chewing is not permitted.
  • Please bring your own water bottle with your name on it to class.


  • Arrive early and be ready to start your class at its scheduled time. Arriving at the start-time of your class means you will be late.
  • If you arrive more than 15 minutes after the start of the class, you will not be permitted to dance. This is because you will not be properly warmed up as this can increase the risk of injury.
  • Siblings will not be permitted to remain in the building unattended.
  • Keep your voice down. There is no running, playing, or yelling inside the building.
  • If a child needs adult supervision to use the restroom, a parent or guardian must stay in the waiting area for the duration of the class.
  • Parents need to be on time to pick up their child after each class or rehearsal.
  • There is no food of any kind or drinks allowed inside the studios or dressing rooms or upstairs waiting area. Water bottles only.
  • Dancers who have long days and have lunch/snacks must use the designated eating area downstairs at the front table. Please clean up after yourself. This includes wiping off the tables and throwing all trash away outside in the trash bin.
  • Please make sure to walk along back wall quietly when entering the studio while classes are in session.